As stated in the PolyMoon voice chat on July 4th, 2021, PolyMoon is re-launching with an improved token. In the meantime, DO NOT BUY OR SELL POLYMOON if you wish to receive the new token.

At the start of the voice chat, the team took a snapshot of all current holders and their token quantities. We will take a second snapshot before we pull liquidity so that those who do not wish to participate may sell their holdings.

If you purchased PolyMoon before 1700 (UTC) on July 4th, 2021, your transactions are included in the first snapshot. Any buys after…

VAT: Value Added Token

Here in the PolyMoon team, we believe in creating something that adds real value to both the blockchain and our wonderful holders. That’s why we are feverishly building the best cross-chain charting and DEX tools platform possible: to deliver real value not just to the developing Polygon network but also to every popular blockchain available. This “holder-first” way of thinking is the reason why we chose to use a tokenomics model that passively rewards holders and why we are giving a share of our upcoming platform’s revenue to holders as well. …

You all asked, and we’re delivering: PolyMoon is bringing charts and other DEX tools to Matic! We will be creating high-performant cross-chain charting tools to provide unparalleled coverage into DeFi markets. We will be rolling out a smooth user interface, complete with DEX tools and a never-before-seen feature that pays our holders increased passive income through our platform’s revenue structure.

Over this past week, we’ve been working behind the scenes to provide our community with the most value possible. We have created buying guides, fixed errors, and tested many ways for swapping tokens, and we appreciate your patience as we…

PolyMoon’s team is pleased to formally reveal that we are from the Lightning Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. The Lightning Ecosystem is comprised of the Lightning Protocol ($LIGHT) token, the Lightning Incubator, and now the Lightning Cross-Chain Launchpad. We are committed to creating exceptionally safe and valuable projects in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) through our services.

Unique Challenges in Emerging Markets

The PolyMoon team and investors are pioneers of this chain. In the early stages, new chains are riddled with rugs and low-quality projects. As many of you know, another (fraudulent) project also called PolyMoon rugged the day before we launched. This rug is one example…

PolyMoon is the first fairly-launched deflationary DeFi Token on the Polygon network with automatic liquidity generation. First stop, the moon!

PolyMoon the first real SafeMoon fork on the Polygon network. The team has refined it for fairer tokenomics and investor security in mind.


🎫 Total Supply:
1,000,000,000,000,000 PolyMoon

💸 Fee:
10% total; 2% to holders and 8% back into liquidity

🎉 Deflationary:
PolyMoon’s total supply automatically deflates upon each transaction, thanks to our “black hole” as described below.

🔥 LP Burn:

Investor Trust

We are the first and only real PolyMoon on the Polygon (formerly Matic) network. …

Polymoon Team

PolyMoon is the first fairly-launched deflationary DeFi Token on the Polygon network with automatic liquidity generation.

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